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About us


TTS GmbH and its staff members


TTS has existed since 1984; originally established as a limited commercial partnership (KG) it was converted into a limited liability company (GmbH) in 1991. Our team can look after your needs at almost any time you require and coordinate all job orders world-wide, since we work today, for instance, just as successfully in Japan as we do in Hamburg.


We are supported by a group of over 130 highly-qualified translators who predominantly live in the country of their native language. In this way we can be sure that the language used is always up-to-date with the target country and is not outdated or clumsy-sounding. All documents are prepared in Hamburg so that the text content can be processed by the translators with conventional word processing programs like Word. It is therefore not absolutely necessary that the translators possess complex and expensive programmes such as InDesign – problems arising because of different versions or differing user settings are thus avoided entirely. After being translated the texts are fed back into the original program, are checked and, if necessary, the layout reworked. We also prepare the texts and convert to Word if we receive your documents in PDF format because normally it is not possible to edit whole sentences in PDF but only small sections.


Of course it is important that we process almost all languages with CAT tools (Computer-Aided Translation) so that we can guarantee consistency of terms within a document. At the same time we also build a “translation memory” for our clients, which by avoiding multiple translations of identical text blocks, contributes to considerable cost savings.



We at TTS have very high standards of quality because you, the client, should profit from this quality. Whereby the special requirements of our customers are extremely diverse – they extend from situation to situation not only to the exact adherence to the customary terminology used in the sector but also to the thorough plausibility check of the contents of the documents.


Irrespective of the client or document, our aim is to always deliver the very highest quality possible within the client’s predefined budget. The implementation takes into account, of course, a detailed assessment and analysis of the customer’s wishes.


For many clients the delivery of their translation by the due date – or earlier – is one of the most important quality features. When the time schedule is tight this can be achieved only with the highest level of commitment. Of course the consequence of this is that sometimes night can become day. An alternative is the coordinated processing of a text by several colleagues. Whereby the adherence to a consistent terminology poses a particular challenge. Modern terminology software provides support for our translators so that they can also reliably fulfil this quality standard.

Our ISO 9001 system

We introduced the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 in as early as 2004. The system is certified through the company RINA Germany GmbH. Our QM system is, of course, checked internally and externally every year.

The QM system guarantees an optimal process flow from the first customer contact through to the conclusion of the order. Every deviation from the stipulated quality is looked into by us, analysing what has happened – the same is true of internal suggestions for improvement– and results in adjustments to the procedures that are used as well as forms and checklists.

In this way TTS not only guarantees its services but can also continually further expand them. The work processes and the tools utilized are continually checked for their effectiveness and improved where necessary. In exactly the same way also the qualifications of our staff are regularly checked and continually enhanced through training.


We have spent years developing the compilation of technical documentation. In this way we can guarantee a very high quality and at the same time a reasonable and fair price.