Technical Translation Services GmbH


ISO9001 / ISO17100



Meeting the stringent quality requirements of the present market is often not possible for a single company, either for financial or administrative reasons.

Cooperation with competent and reliable partners can allow increased flexibility and often leads to faster results and improved products and services.

This means that the procurement of suitable business partners is one of the main tasks of management. We would like to provide some information regarding regarding our various associates.



We can translate your documents and manuals into almost all languages. Obviously we do not have translators in Hamburg for all of the 70 or so major languages. As a result we also cooperate with various partners worldwide.


* Translation agencies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East

* Local translation agencies

* Freelance translators


Our translators have only their native language as target text. In most cases they possess an engineering degree or a Bachelor´s degree in physics, chemistry etc. All are equipped with state-of-the-art CAT tools.

Before undertaking any activities for TTS all our translators are profiled to ensure certain standards.



Through cooperation with web and graphic designers as well as computer experts from a broad base has been formed which in the case of interdisciplinary projects makes synergetic effects possible. Various complicated concepts are drawn up together and put into action, whether mechanical engineering, medical technology or for the chemical industry. For future projects our customers can profit from our years of experience.



tekom e.V is the Association for Technical Documentation and Communication in Germany. It has some 3,500 members including technical magazines and publications, illustrators and translators. The organisation hosts regular seminars, workshops and training courses and also publishes the newspaper “technische kommunikation”. TTS is a member of the tekom association.